Nantwich, Cheshire

Jan 30, 2024 | Latest Installations

The last install of this week was also in Nantwich. This installation was equipped with a 8kw system which as you can see also turned out amazing. We also fitted a bird guard deterrent on this install to make sure any local wildlife cannot make under this array their new home.

Installation includes:
  • 19 x LONGi Solar HiMo6 Explorer 425w mono black panels
  • Growatt New Energy SPH5000 hybrid inverter
  • Growatt New Energy AXE 5.0 solar storage battery
  • Bird guard


How Solar PV/storage Works:
  • Solar Panels – Capture Sunlight and Convert It into Electricity.
  • DC electricity is then converted to AC to power your home with Clean, Renewable Energy.
  • Excess solar energy is then stored in solar storage batteries to assist usage at a later point.