Commercial Renewable Energy Solutions

Making good financial sense for many non-domestic buildings and businesses

Producing solar power at source really makes good financial sense for many non-domestic buildings & businesses that have a high spend on their electricity bills.

One major attraction is that the average lifetime costs per kWh of solar electricity is 6.0p when compared to the average prevailing rate of 12-14p when procured from the grid-based suppliers. Grid electricity prices tend double almost every five years whilst the lifetime cost of your solar electricity is fixed at around 6.0pp per kWh.

The financial merits of investing in a PV plant are significant as healthy annual electricity cost savings can be achieved. Most PV plants are capable of becoming revenue positive from year six. There are some tax incentives to consider too as the cost of the installation can be 100% tax deductible.

If you are considering a solar PV plant for your rooftop please get in touch as we can build you a bespoke proposal very quickly.

Can a business get a grant for solar panels?

Yes, many businesses have the opportunity to receive grants or financial incentives for installing solar panels. Government agencies, both at the national and local levels, often offer various programs to promote the adoption of renewable energy technologies, including solar power.

These incentives may come in the form of grants, tax credits, rebates, or other financial support mechanisms. The availability and specific details of such programs can vary by country, region, and even by local authority. It’s advisable for businesses interested in solar panel grants to check with relevant government departments, energy agencies, or environmental organisations in their area to learn about available incentives and eligibility criteria.

Additionally, consulting with a solar energy professional or financial advisor can help businesses navigate the process and maximise their chances of securing grants for solar panel installations. 

How do I know If my business qualifies for any grants?

It’s best to speak to your local authority as they may have grant funds available for energy efficiency measures. We have recently completed installations nationwide where the business or building owner has secured up to 35% of the installation cost via a grant.

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We are fully MCS Accredited for the installation of Solar Photovoltaic (PV) systems. Our MCS registration is NAP-67355/22/1.