solarcache touch

A comprehensive solution for the home

solarcache touch is a clever device that not only redirects excess energy that the sun has produced so that it is used in your home and not lost to the Grid, but is also a comprehensive energy monitor. This smart, small controller sits typically sits near your electricity supply and controls one or more “throttles” which control your immersion heater or storage radiators. Modular in design, it is attractive and feature rich whilst still easy to install, set up and use.

  • solarcache touch reduces your energy bills even further
  • solarcache touch increases the return on your solar panel investment
  • solarcache touch intelligently controls how the surplus solar energy is used
  • solarcache touch shows you how much electricity you are generating and where it is going
  • solarcache touch puts you in control.
  • You say when and where, and the electricity is re-routed to suit your family
  • solarcache touch is easily installed; either with the solar panels or at a later date
  • One off installed price - no ongoing charges

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