EKO Warrior Air Source Heat Pumps

We believe the EKO Warrior is the best value for money heat pump you can buy. Here’s why:
  • EKO Warrior provides our customers with the best possible product, backed up with impeccable service.
  • EKO Warrior have been heating British homes since 2009 and have built up an enviable reputation in the industry.
  • The EKO Warrior is designed for heating not cooling however the unit can be used for cooling if required using fan coil radiators available from us.
  • EKO Warrior have many years experience with the product installed throughout Scandinavia since 2006.
  • The automatic control of the defrosting cycle and intelligent weather compensation is based on years of experience in Northern Europe.
  • EKO Warrior uses a three row evaporator, most companies use two rows. Our evaporators have a superior heat transfer area, even in winter.
  • EKO Warrior offers a competitive price, backed up by a commitment to producing quality products.
  • To comply with MCS and European Standards, the factory is inspected twice yearly and is IS0900 I approved.

If you are a home owner, installer, purchaser, architect, self builder or developer looking for support, please contact us for more information.

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