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What is an Ecocent?

An Ecocent is like the ‘Swiss Army knife’ of hot water. An innovative and extremely versatile integrated heat pump and water cylinder that operates as a stand-alone unit, or in conjunction with traditional or other renewable energy technologies. That means that nomatter what your existing system is – you’ll be able to fit in an Ecocent and take advantage of its amazing efficiency and flexibility.

We’ve seen them used…

  • To supply domestic hot water
  • As a heat source for Thermovec radiators
  • In commercial laundries
  • To heat spas and ‘Jacuzzis’
  • To run commercial dish washers
  • To run underfloor heating
  • To cut out long pipe runs in big buildings To cool kitchen work areas

It’s not by chance…

The ESP Ecocent range of Air Source Heat Pump (ASHP) based water heaters are the industry leaders. Innovative design founded on experience, quality of materials, coupled with attention to detail – all essential ingredients in an Earth saving product.

How does an Ecocent work?

The ASHP part of an Ecocent gently draws ‘waste’ air into its top section through air ducts placed in areas of the house that are likely to carry warm damp air, such as kitchens, bathrooms and utility rooms. We call it ‘waste’ air because its air you’d normally want to get rid of – from steamy baths and showers, boiling pots and pans, that sort of thing.

It does this by a low power and extremely quiet fan which blows the air over the fins of a device called the evaporator, which contains a special liquid gas (you might have heard of it before as ‘refrigerant’).

As heat always travels from a hot to a cold material, the heat moves from the air to the refrigerant inside the evaporator.

Refrigerant has a really low boiling point, and just a small amount air makes the refrigerant boil – and turn from a liquid into a gas. Using its Ecocent pumps the hot gas through its pipes – which if you have ever used a bicycle pump before you’ll know makes the gas (air) get even hotter.

The hotter gas then travels through the coil around the tank (or to a heat exchanger in the Ecocent Energy model) and the heat is transferred again – but this time from the hotter gas to the cool water that you want to heat and use in your bathroom, kitchen, spa etc.

Meanwhile the gas, which is now cooler because the heat has been transferred to the water via a condenser, flows through special pipes which allow gas to expand, reducing its pressure cooling it to the point that it turns back into a liquid. The cooled liquid travels back through to the evaporator where the whole process
starts again.

What happens to the air that has had the heat energy and moisture stripped out from it? Well that’s expelled outside, or if you want to cool a particular room or area it can be sent there instead.

The Ecocent mainly uses electricity for two things – to run the fan and the compressor motors, but of course this is added to the ‘free’ energy taken out of the air to make the unit so amazingly efficient. If the air in the room is steamier and warmer – it contains even more energy, so the Ecocent becomes even more efficient. We say you get 4 (and sometimes more) times energy out than you put in because the Ecocent can extract 4 or more times more energy out of the atmosphere than the energy it takes to do so – and this is called its COP (short for Coefficient of Performance).  

We’re not exactly talking new technology here – because this is pretty much how a fridge works. We’re sure you’d be surprised to hear that the fridge in a similar form as we know it now was invented in the same year as the Battle of Trafalgar – in 1805! We’ve taken that same principle and added one extra stage – instead of taking the heat out of the inside of the fridge and dumping it to the atmosphere, the Ecocent takes the heat out of the atmosphere and channels that heat into your water. Simple, proven, highly effective, and very reliable – we bet you’ve had more trouble with your traditional boiler than you have had with your fridge!

Compare the specifications:


ECOCENT Intelligent Controls/Remote App

Mobile App Control

After downloading the app on your Iphone/Ipad or PC and adding an (optional) module on your Ecocent, you can control the unit anytime and anywhere. Very handy if you are away from your home for long periods.

Programmable Modes

Each Ecocent has a variety of modes that can be selected to suit your needs including a ‘boost’ to ramp up hot water production at times – like for when you’ve been on holiday.

Intelligent Panel

The front panel is a touch screen display which allows you precise control of the unit while also displaying important information like how much hot water is available and at what temperature, plus easy access to the unit’s programming features.


Even if you already have tanks installed, or don’t have space for one of our Ecocent Cylinders, you can still take advantage of the technology by fitting the innovative Ecocent Energy.

The Energy is in effect the top part of an ordinary Ecocent separated into its own enclosure, although the power has been slightly increased, as most alternative cylinders just aren’t as efficient as an Ecocent cylinder.
It’s really simple to fit too – it runs from an ordinary n13a supply, so once you’ve fitted the air ducting all you need to do is put in a condensate drain and connect a small heating circuit to your cylinder. Itsneven got a pump built in to make life that much

  • Compatible with vented & unvented tanks
  • Fits in compact spaces – such as lofts
  • Fit and forget system – minimal maintenance
  • Water costs 4x less to heat than immersion heaters
  • Can work independently of existing heating system
  • Switch off your existing boiler for the Summer